Holy guacamole! It’s officially the 7th month of the year. WHAT?!

The month of June did not bring much success in the goals department, but it was a much needed month of rest and relationship-building. I spent most of this month taking care of myself spiritually and mentally while also building some healthy, longterm friendships. Even though I didn’t meet the majority of my goals, I am so beyond content with what I’ve accomplished this month. Plus, I have the rest of my life to accomplish my life goals. If I miss a couple of steps here and there, I think everything will still turn out alright with God on my side.

July Goals

– June Goals Revisited –

/ Bring you 2 posts each week. – HA. Well, I have a long list of blog post ideas waiting to be published, so next month, I have no excuse.

/ Read – Check, check, and check! I think I’ve read more books this month than I did in 2015, and I LOVED every minute of it.

/ Morning Routine – It’s still in the process, but I’m getting closer and closer to making it a habit. Over the past month, I have gained many tricks to make mornings less stressful and more enjoyable, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

/ Bible Reading Plan – So far this year, June was my best month for reading my Bible every day. I’m still working on making it a daily habit though. And wow, can I just say that it is life-changing when you actually devote time to reading Scripture?

/ Waxing – Just to let you know, this was way easier than I anticipated. Not only did I do it in June, but I already did the monthly at-home wax for July. I dislike the pain in certain areas, but I dislike excess hair even more. I give this goal a success sticker, for sure!

/ Workout Schedule – Don’t ask, okay? Ok. Let’s change the subject and ask a question. How do you spell OK/okay/ok? Comment in the comment box below!

July Goals

– July Goals –


// Surprise coming soon. – I would tell you about it, but that might ruin the surprise part a little bit…

// Post regularly.  I have no excuse not to give you, my dear readers, more posts this month, so it’s happening. Just you wait and see.


// Morning Routine – This is a goal I want to continue this month. I have seen so much improvement in the month of June, so I can’t wait until I accomplish my vision.


// Bible Reading Plan – I loved seeing the results that came from starting my day with a little Bible reading, so I’m also going to continue this goal this month. Hopefully I can get to the point where I start every single day with reading Scripture.

// Prayer Life I want to especially step up my prayer life game this month. Plus, finishing the book, Fervent, would help with this.


// Skin Care Routine  My current skin care routine is pathetic. I use a blackhead scrub in the shower, a face mask whenever I find time, and moisturizer maybe three times per month. I want to take better care of my face, so this month I’m going to do my research and start a skin care routine.

// Workout Schedule  Yeahhh, let’s try this again. I need to have toned arms by the end of this month for the wedding I’m in. Wish me luck!


// Start RA Decorations Time to crack down and actually start creating my ideas from Pinterest for my floor. I am beyond excited to be an RA this next school year! EEP! Look out freshmen ladies, I don’t think you’re prepared for how cute and encouraging your floor is going to be.


What are some of your goals? Share them below in the comments or feel free to share a link to your own goals blog post. I can’t wait to hear about them! I love being inspired by other people’s life goals. Happy planning, ladies!

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