The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Workout

If you’re like me, it’s hard for you to rationalize just sitting around watching tv. I can’t do it. I get too antsy even when I know I need rest. But some days, I want to catch up on some of my favorite Netflix shows while also being productive. This created the revelation that I can workout while watching my favorite shows by creating my own workout program. Now, this is not a new idea, and even though I found out I wasn’t as much of a genius as I thought I was, I still decided to create my own workout for all of my top picks.

One of my go-to shows this summer is Gilmore Girls. This is one of those shows where I absolutely did not enjoy watching, but once I started from the beginning, I was hooked! Thank you to whoever created Netflix, because now, I can’t watch a show without starting from the very start all the way until the last episode.

The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Workout

I know many of you probably are watching Gilmore Girls too, so I decided to share with you what workout program I came up with for this show.

– The Ultimate Gilmore Girls Workout –

Opening scene – stretch

Opening credits – jog in place

Rory is with her boyfriend – 10 pushups

Lorelai & Sooki are chatting – 20 lunges

Someone is drinking coffee – 10 squats

Luke is makes a sarcastic comment – 10 crunches

Someone kisses – 1 minute plank

Stars Hollow town meeting – 20 bicycles 

Emily & Richard are together – 20 jumping jacks

Michel makes a snide comment – 5 burpees

See Lane’s mom – 10 squats

See Kirk – 10 crunches

See Miss Patty – 10 pushups

Credits – stretch

There you have it! I hope this workout proves to be a success next time you watch the show. Happy exercising and relaxing, ladies!


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